Do you have latent psychic abilities?

When you dream, do you:
Have vivid dreams that are full of detail and color
Sometimes dream of future events that come true
The last time I had a dream was when FDR was never
If you're lost in an unknown town without cell service, do you:
Take a wild guess and hit the gas pedal cause life is an adventure
Stop and ask for directions at a gas station
Trust your gut and keep driving the way you think you should
If you get a call/text, do you:
Try and figure out who it is before looking, and sometimes you're right
You pretty much know who it is without looking
Have literally no idea and never think to look because ain't nobody got time for guessing games
When things really 'hit the fan' in life, do you:
Get very sad/depressed
Trust it will all work out and stay very positive
Get anxiety but remain optimistic
When you're around a supposedly spiritual environment, do you:
Consciously feel the spiritual vibrations, and can pick out specific vibrations of certain individuals
Feel nothing at all
Sorta feel the spiritual vibes but can't sort through them
When you get close to animals, do you:
Feel a spiritual bond so deep you know when they're tearing up the couch with their cute devil claws — despite being miles away
Feel their spirit but can't tell what they're doing/going through from a distance
Feel an emotional bond but unable to sense anything deeper
When you pray/meditate, do you:
Feel close to Spirit
Feel close to a spiritual guide
Not sure what I feel, but I know something's there
When people come to you for help and/or advice, do you:
Offer yourself freely, and visualize them in light
Give away time and advice and sometimes say things that seem to have deep impact without understanding why you said them
Spend time with them but refer them to Oprah cause you're working on your stuff too
When meeting a new person, do you:
Immediately get a sense of the person and their moral standing
Carefully observe them to try and understand who they are
Remain completely non-judgemental
When encountering deja vu, do you:
Just smile to myself because it's a regular occurrence
Stop what you're doing and stare in disbelief
Nothing cause it's never happened
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