What's Your Primary Spiritual Gift?

When I was a child, I...
Had an imaginary friend
Knew things before they happened
Constantly had songs or conversations in my head
Loved to bake or cook
Loved to be held or hugged
Had a VERY sensitive nose
When I was younger I was often taught...
To not show my emotions in public
To rein in my imagination
To control my appetite or what I ate
To not be so noisy
To not share my thoughts
To stay away from strong smells
As an adult, I...
Often hum or talk to myself
Love having soft things, like a blanket or sweater
Am a self-proclaimed foodie!
Am very creative, and have tons of ideas floating around my head
Always have a candle or some incense burning
Get really strong gut feelings about people or situations
When I practice Reiki, I...
See the energy
Feel the energy
Get words or messages
Often taste or smell things that aren't there
Know instinctively what needs to happen in each moment
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