Which Dancing With the Stars Season 24 Cast Member are You?

T-minus 7 days to the Season 24 Premiere, time’s running out... How are you prepping?
You eat balanced meals with a lot of protein, sleep 8 hours per night, train during the day. You’re in the zone, you are the zone. Nothing and no one will take this win away from you.
What do you mean prepping? We’re suppose to prepare? *frantically calls partner for guidance*
Prepping? Who needs prepping when I can just have fun with it! It’s all about the experience!
Breathe in. Breathe out. Don’t get in your head. Just remain calm. You trust your partner. You’ve practiced. Winning is a mindset.
What’s your daily affirmation?
*looks intensely into mirror* You. Are. A. Winner.
Fail to prepare and prepare to fail. Only the end result counts!
I pity the fool that goes up against me- I PITY THE FOOL!
Shine bright like a diamond!
Your partner is freaking out 2 minutes before the show! What do you do?
Slap them out of it! We’ve got a trophy to win! Tough love baby!
Calmly explain to them why they have everything it takes to win this!
My partner and I are here to have fun and enjoy the ride! Stress isn’t apart of our vocabulary.
What do you hope to take away from the show (apart from the Mirrorball Trophy *DUH*)?
I’m not doing all that dancing for nothing! Bikini body here I coooome!
I just want to meet amazing, inspiring people! I’m surrounded by incredible singers, dancers, actors, olympians! What more could you want?
My sole focus is the trophy. I see the trophy. I breathe the trophy. I am the trophy.
I want to be challenged, get to know myself better and grow as a person!
What quality is most important to you in a partner?
Rock hard abs! ;)
Hard working - I’m in it to win it!
Light hearted - I want to have fun!
Knowledgeable - I'm here to learn!
If you could embody one dance, which one would it be?
Salsa…my hips don’t lie!
Paso Doble! The other competitors will shake in fear when I step on the dance floor.
Waltz! Step aside Cinderella, this is my time to shine!
If one of the judges could be your partner, who would you pick?
Carrie Ann Inaba - Tough but fair, I could really grow with her as a partner!
Len Goodman - He’s a silver fox..and that accent!
Bruno Tonioli - I would have so much fun with Bruno! Amaziiiiiiing Daaaarling!
Julianne Hough - She won DWTS twice! Who better to take me to victory?
What’s your Pre-Show Ritual?
A nice cup of green tea, a quiet room where I can meditate and collect my thoughts.
My partner and I have a secret handshake..we got this
Aggressively power pose backstage
Wish everyone good luck! I really hope everyone does well!
You’re in the middle of a live show and you partner messes up a step! What do you do?
Keep smiling- I can yell at them when there are no cameras around .
As soon as the dance is over I jump in their arms to comfort them!
My partner’s mistake is my mistake, there is no I in team.
Everybody makes mistakes! No point in dwelling on the past!
And the season 24 winner is……..YOU! Cue confetti, hugs, high fives...oh wait, someone handed Tom Bergeron the wrong envelope...you’re actually the runner up :/ YIKES! How do you react?
Storm off. Where is the producer? WHO IS IN RUNNING THIS SHOW?
Aww well, I’m disappointed but the other team deserved it! I congratulate them and graciously exit the stage.
Quickly grab the Mirrorball trophy from Tom Bergeron and run off yelling “MINE, IT’S MINE!”
Demand a formal recount. Sit on the floor in protest until someone shows me the numbers.
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