Which Val Cereal Are You?

Your default Amherst study space is…
Frost Library
Science Center
Somewhere off campus
Your dorm room
Your first Wordle guess is...
Crane (because some scientist recommended it)
NSFW (I only do the Lewdle)
Different every day
I don't play Wordle. Please stop asking if I've done the Wordle
You find a lost student ID on the ground. What do you do?
Pretend you didn't see it and walk away.
Post it in AmherstBussin and pat yourself on the back
Check to see if you know the person and if not, throw it back on the ground
Keep it as a backup in case your card gets disabled for missing Covid tests
Leave it at the Val entry desk
The meaning of life is...
A good Monty Python movie
Accidentally oversleeping only to realize your professor cancelled your 8am
Not my business
Reading period is time for...
Studying all-nighters
Leaving campus and starting summer break early
Catching up on sleep
Sending emails to ask for extensions on finals
Fun day trips
Your first-year dorm is/was...
James or Stearns
Appleton or Williston
North or South
Charles Pratt
Not on the first-year quad
Class starts at 2:00pm. You're showing up at...
Probably skipping
Taking naps in public...
Is acceptable, but not my thing
Is an important skill for a health sleep schedule
Should be banned
Is okay if it's not on purpose
Confuses me
You are about to pass someone you distantly know. What do you do?
Soft smile/wave
Look at the ground/your phone and avoid eye contact
Stop in your tracks to engage in full conversation
High-five/fist-bump/Covid-safe elbow bump
Ask to hang out/catch up/get a meal with no intention of following through
At this point in the semester, how many damns do you give?
Many damns
Some damns
One damn per class
One damn total
Not a single damn
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