Procrastination test

How do you approach deadlines?
With a good time reserve in case of unforeseen events.
I work best when there's a deadline coming in the near future.
I love to feel the deadline rush.
You have a report due in a month. When do you start woking on it?
Right away.
One or two weeks before it's due.
One day before it's due.
Do you normally daydream at work? How often?
Most of the time
The deadline for an important assignment is due in two days, but you are not in the mood. What do you do?
I wait until I'm in the mood.
I break it up into smaller steps so that I can start working on it.
I spend a good amount of time on thinking, planning, making lists, getting the notebok ready...
When you have something urgent and at the same time unpleasant to do like cleaning up or doing your taxes, you typically...
do something else.
immediately start working on it.
start doing it but I interrupt it with many small distractions.
How clean do you keep your desk?
I clean once a week.
I postpone it until I can't stand it anymore.
I clean up every day.
When do you typically pay your bills?
As soon as I get them.
Just before the deadline.
A few days after their arrival.
Can you accurately estimate how long a task will take you to complete?
Most of the time
Your friend lends you a book, but makes it clear that he wants it back. When do you return it?
After he reminds me once.
The next time I see him.
After he reminds me several times.
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