Know what is stopping you from becoming a brand...

Which term best describes your business?
Coaching / Training
How long have you been in business?
a) I Haven’t started yet
b) Less than one year
c) Between 1 & 3 Years
d) Between 3 & 10 Years
e) Over 10 Years
How much is your gross annual revenue?
a) Less than $50,000 Per year
b) Between $50K to $75K
c) Between $75K to $100k
d) Above 100K per Year
What service are you offering?
a) Product
b) Service
Online Training
Offline Training
which of the following defines your brand?
My logo
Emotional connection with your customer
Do you have a clear picture of your target audience?
Absolutely, I can Pick
Still Figuring it out
I don’t think so
Are you satisfied with the traffic and sales through your online presence (social media, Website, etc.,) bring in?
Yes, we are Great
Its Okay.But Not Enough
Needs Improvement
Do your business have a clear voice/tone?
Still working on it
Can’t find the time
Do you feel customers are connecting with your purpose, or just buying your product?
They love our purpose, so they buy
They just like the product
I Don't Know
Do your brand have the following?
Tone of voice
All the above
None of the Above
When it comes to people interacting with brand, where are you right now?
Few followers, Likes, shares
People Often comment, share, like
No comments, Likes & shares
I Have some engagement, but don’t know convert them into leads
Do your Business Depends on Offers/Discounts?
How happy are you with your current website?
No website
It looks okay , but not giving enough leads
Its not looking okay, Need to redesign
I am happy with it
How visible is your business online?
Only my family & friend circle knows
Slowly starting to build my audience
Consistently visible, but they are not converting
Consistently visible, More Leads
When talking about your products/service how people are responding?
Excited to Purchase
Asking more questions, but hesitating to buy
No response and no sales
When it comes to the competition, you:
Know who your competitors are and how your brand is different
Are very similar to one or two of your competitors, but you are not sure how-to standout
Haven’t researched your competitors
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