What Type of Book are You?

On a rainy afternoon, would you rather…
Bake something sweet and delicious
Snuggle in the corner with a thick blanket and good book
Re-watch your favourite Netflix shows
Do some knitting/origami/painting/drawing/writing
Choose a classic Aussie food:
Fairy bread
Tim Tams
Wagon Wheels
The perfect uni timetable has…
All classes crammed into one or two days with minimal breaks in-between
Two or three days of classes with 1 hour breaks in-between
An even spread of half-days across four or five days
I don’t mind, as long as they don’t clash
Choose a building on the Monash Clayton Campus:
New Horizons
Learning and Teaching building
Campus Centre
Menzies Building
What is the most important piece of stationery in your pencil case?
Black Pen
Yellow Highlighter
Red Pen
Pick your favourite decade:
The best way to relax after a stressful week is…
Spending quality time with your family
Hanging out with friends
Binge-watching childhood TV shows
Going to see a musical or concert
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