Which stage of fibromyalgia affects you the most?

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Pain sensations: Your tend to experience
Variable tight pain that is worse with cold and migrates from one area to the next
Constant pain that is worse in humid weather or with food sensitivities
Dull pain that is worse with stress and lack of movement
Sharp or stabbing pain that is worse in the early morning, morning stiffness, or pain that wakes you up in the middle of the night
Pain that is worse with exertion
Pain that is associated with menstruation or menopause
Tight pain that is accompanied with cold limbs
Burning pain that is worse in the evening
Your pain tends to manifest:
In my head and neck, moving from place to place
In my abdomen, forehead, or limbs
Everywhere constantly
In the legs
In the muscles
In the tendons
In the lower back and knees
In the lower back and knees, with a hot feeling inside the bones
I have a history of: (check all that apply)
Allergies, asthma, or chronic colds
Fungal infections, food sensitivity, or food allergies
Depression, PTSD, or multiple chemical sensitivities
Menstrual disorders
Chronic fatigue
Adrenal fatigue
Hot flashes
My body temperature:
Frequent chills
Warmer than others
Alternates between warm and cold
Cold hands and feet
Colder when tired
Colder with menstruation
Cold arms and legs
Warmer at night, with possible sweating
My skin tends to get:
Cold in the back of the neck and shoulders, with neck tension
Pimples or boils on the insides of the legs, toe nail fungus
A blotchy facial complexion
Slight purple or blue color in the toes, finger, or tongue. I tend to get spider veins or varicose veins
Slow healing of sores, acne that doesn’t form a white head, bruise easily
Very pale or anemic facial complexion
Skin tends to sag
Skin tends to be dry
My tongue tends to be:
Pale with a thick white coating
Red or pink with a yellow coating
Spotted on the sides with a red tip
Slightly purple with engorged and dark colored veins beneath the tongue
Pale tongue, that is fat in the mouth with scallops from where the tongue presses against the teeth
Pale tongue and pale lips
Pale, fat, and moist tongue coating
Red tongue, with cracks or fissures in the tongue body
Fluid metabolism
I tend to not feel thirsty
I feel thirsty, but I don’t drink enough water
My thirst and urination fluctuate
I don’t drink or urinate very much
I enjoy warm liquids and have frequent urination
Appetite and bowel movements
Poor appetite with sticky or loose stools without a strong scent
Poor appetite with sticky or loose stools with a strong scent
Eating more with stress and/or stools alternate between constipation and loose. Possible history of gall bladder pain or removal
Low appetite and infrequent bowel movements
Low appetite and undigested food in the stool, low scent, possible constipation
Infrequent, dry stools
Poor appetite associated with feeling cold in the stomach
Frequent, dry stools
Reproductive health
I tend to have jock itch or frequent yeast infections, white vaginal discharge with a fishy odor, lower libido
I tend to have jock itch or frequent yeast infections, yellow vaginal discharge with a strong odor
I tend to have low libido with stress, breast distention near menstruation, menstrual irregularity, erectile dysfunction, vericocele
History of uterine fibroids, hysterectomy, vericocele, late menstruation or flooding menstruation with dark clots
Fatigue associated with sex. Wilting erection, shortness of breath and poor sexual endurance
History of short or scanty menstruation or fibromyalgia symptoms coming after giving birth
Indifferent toward sex or very low libido
Vaginal dryness, low sperm count, wet dreams
I most often feel:
Under attack or vulnerable
Sleepy or mentally foggy
Stressed and angry
Stressed and sad
Tired and sleepy without being stressed
Generally anxious or paranoid
Antsy or skittish
My breathing tends to be:
With nasal obstruction, wheezing, or mucus
I snore at night or have sleep apnea, or now have a CPAP
I tend to sigh
I get shortness of breath, am easily winded, tendency to yawn
Difficult to take deep breaths, forget to breathe, tendency to yawn
Shallow breathing, tendency to yawn
Sleep and dreams
Dreams of fighting, or nasal obstruction at night
Sluggishness or napping throughout the day
Difficulty getting to sleep, tossing and turning
Pain or stiffness associated with sleeping
Sleeping with the mouth or eyes open, preference for sleeping on the left side
Waking up in the middle of the night or nightmares, preference for sleeping on the right side
Waking up in the night to urinate
Sweating at night or sensations of heat
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