Which Member of Pear Ware R U ?

What kinds of little knick knacks do you collect?
Crystals, candles, essential oils
Marbles, decks of cards, apples
Butterflies, things with faces on them
Nothing, I love minimalism
How often do you shower?
When I know I'll be seeing people
Every 3 days
Every 2 days
At least once a day, twice a day preferred
Someone you find cute has peaked your interest, what do you do next?
Only look, don’t touch
Not afraid to make the first move
Put my hand on their knee for a little too long
Flex and ask: you got tickets to the gun show?
What’s your everyday look?
Friend’s old tshirts, baggy neutral colored clothing, no pants ((confident sleeping bag))
Bright green, florals, strawberry prints ((crunchy alien))
Paint stains, scarves and collars ((?indescribable?))
Minimal wear, clean cut shirt, ironed slacks ((critical surfer))
What type of dog tail are you?
Short and poofy
Curly but slouched
I’m a kitty cat
Long and aggressive
Are you cute, hott or BOTH?
Hott and Cute
Cute and Hott
What’s your sign?
AIR (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra)
EARTH (Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus)
WATER (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)
FIRE (Aries, Sagittarius, Leo)
It’s time to make dinner/people are coming over, what do you cook?
Krn food, usually involving seaweed, soju
Boil pasta noodles, a can of sardines on top, fingers crossed
Salad, mac and cheese, garlic toast, vegetarian
Potato croquettes, grilled meat, sushi
How do you respond to a difficult/awkward text?
Use one too many exclamation points
Unintentionally wait several hours, one worded response
Use lots of emojis
Send a dick pick
Which white male artist are you?
Hans Haacke
Mike Kelley
Jeff Koons
Pierre Huyghe
How decisive are you?
Not at all, making a decision is anxiety inducing
Pretty ok at making decisions
I make solid assertive choices
Way too decisive, unsolicited
What’s your role in the group?
The leader
The beast
The boss
The wannabe leader
When do you arrive to the function?
Not sure if you’re going yet
Hopefully early, at least on time
Fashionably late
You should be grateful I’m attending, if at all
How do you run your social media account?
Deleting apps every other week, battling with anonymity
Only posts stories, mostly thirst traps
V private with a famous insta mom, potential spy account
Art Bro/Biggie appreciation account
What type of hat are you?
Pointy Night Cap
Classic baseball cap
How often do you Netflix binge?
Never, I read too much
All of the time I've got nothing but time
When I feel like disassociating
A medium amount. 8-10 hours a week
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