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Phone Number
When you’re moving forward with a big new project, what’s your motto?
I’ve got this. No questions asked.
I’ve got a newer, better way to do this. Let’s think outside the box!
Let’s go bigger, better, and more beautiful. We’ll figure out the details later.
We can make it happen. We just have to go step by step.
Smooth and steady rocks the launch.
Always have one eye on giving back.
Let’s make it a beautiful experience. It’s nothing if it’s not gorgeous.
Let’s get the right product to the right people with the right words.
On a Sunday afternoon. Where would I find you?
Having brunch with friends at an awesome new hot spot
Teaching others a whole new way of doing XYZ
Journaling or painting
In your garden or working on a home improvement project
Creating a couple extra tutorial video's for your team
Working on a manuscript
In a perfect world, your brand would create which type of offerings...
Rake in a wonderful profit
Challenge the status quo and change the way people look at things
Inspire others to be their best selves
Run almost independently, so you can move on to other things
Meet all goals and deadlines without a hitch
Make a global impact, and transform our planet for the better
Invoke a new appreciation for beauty and style
Become the brand that everyone is talking about (in the best way!)
Pick a purpose word that most resonates with you:
Let's time travel! Which word best describes you as a kid?
The boss
A rebel
Which one of these songs could be your anthem?
"Run the World" - Beyonce
"Revolution" - The Beatles
"Daydream" - Lupe Fiasco featuring Jill Scott
"Lets Get It Started" - The Black Eyed Peas
"Roar" - Katy Perry
"Heal The World" - Michael Jackson
"Try" - Colbie Caillat
"Your Song" - Elton John
When you are part of a larger project, which role is your preferred role?
Boss, I love to run the ship
The pioneer, I adore uncovering new ways to do things.
Visionary! I can visualize the whole thing start to finish.
Concept Architect! I'm a whiz at giving form and shape to a larger vision
Behind the scenes superhero! I pride myself in designing a back end that runs beautifully
Fierce philanthropist! Giving back is my hearts work
Idea-Centric Innovator! Let's make a thing of beauty together
Hype! Getting the word out about great things is my jam.
Finish this sentence: I can't live without...
My team (present and future): They are thing wind beneath my wings
Pioneering ideas and the platforms where they can take root
My journal and vision board
My mastermind partners and brilliant collaborators
My interactive, color coded, hyper organized calendar
My volunteer activities
Art, Music, Dance, Books, and Movies
My social media peeps and all time favorite publications
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