A party is BYOB. What do you bring?
A case of something cheap
A local IPA 6 pack
Spiked seltzer
Nothing! I drink what’s in the fridge.
It’s Saturday and I’m…
Going out and throwin’ down!
Going on a bike ride after yoga.
Cracking some cans and firing up the grill.
Watching a documentary and sipping something expensive.
My ideal vacation is:
Staying at home
A multi-country backpacking trip
Lounging on the beach
Eating my way through a big city
If you were a fruit you would be…
A pineapple because I’m sweet but prickly
An orange because you have to peel me to get to the good stuff
A dragon fruit because I don’t conform to the norm
I dunno, a grape?
Beyonce is…
What do you drink with expensive steak?
Red wine, obviously.
Whatever the experts recommend.
A light lager. It goes with everything.
I don’t eat steak.
My car radio is currently set to…
Top 40
A carefully curated playlist to match my mood
Does pineapple belong on pizza?
Why not?
I don’t eat pizza without it.
Wait, what?
Canned Beer is…
Great for freshness.
All I drink.
Just for tailgating.
When you sit at the bar you…
Start talking to random strangers.
Flirt with the bartender.
Bring a book and keep to yourself.
Go with friends and get a little rowdy.
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