Setting Up A Composite Shop Quiz

Which of these safety products allows a fabricator to work and not breathe in dust, fumes, vapors or gases?
Safety goggles
Organic Vapor Respirator
Flock Lined Latex Gloves
Disposable body suit
Which of the following contributes to a “Perfect” working environment when working in composites?
Plenty of spaces to work
Warm Temperatures
No fumes
All of the above
What is a good way to contain the amount of dust in your shop?
A vacuum source
Sprinkler system
Open windows
All of the above
Which of the following helps store your fabrics safely?
Cutting Station
Fabric Rack
Safety Goggles
What is one way to separate the various steps of the lamination in an effort to stop contamination?
Sprinkler System
A Vacuum source
A Clean room where fabrics are stored, cut and handled
Using a Fabric rack
Why is it important to maintain ventilation in your shop?
For optimum Resin Curing
It is not important
For proper storing temperatures
Why is it important to maintain warmer temperatures in your shop?
For optimum resin curing
It is not important
No fumes
Which of these safety products offer a double layer of full-body protection that holds off dirt and other contaminates?
Safety goggles
Organic vapor respirator
Flock lined gloves
Disposable body suit
What type of gloves offer thicker, heavy duty protection to resins and solvents?
Vinyl ester
Flock lined latex
Standard latex
What is the most important thing to think about when setting up a composite shop?
Being comfortable
All of the above
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