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What is the full form of EMI?
Equated Monthly Installment
Easy Money Installment
Equal Monthly Installment
Equated Monetary Installment
Which type of compounding frequency will give you the highest compound interest?
A. Annual
B. Semi-annual
D. Monthly
C. Quarterly
Your nearby grocery shop is offering 1kg of wheat for Rs 50. Last year you purchased the same for Rs 45. Your purchasing power has:
A. Increased
B. Decreased
C. Remain unchanged
D. First decreased then increased
Ram and Shyam decided to invest Rs 1 lakh each. Ram invested his entire principal in stocks of XYZ Ltd. Shyam, on the other hand, decided to spread his investment across stocks of 7 companies. In the event of stock market going down, who is at the risk of losing more money?
A. Ram
B. Shyam
C. Both Ram & Shyam
D. None of them
Experts recommend that your emergency fund contain enough money to cover at least 3-6 months worth of living expenses – which is the best place to keep these emergency funds?
A. Your piggy bank
B. Short-term Liquid investment havens
C. Long-term investment havens
D. None of the above
Insurance is a form of risk cover & must not be treated as an investment?
A. False
B. True
C. Can’t Say
D. Maybe
If you want to invest in mutual funds for retirement planning, then for how long you should be stay invested what should be your investment horizon?
A. Short-term horizon
B. Medium-term horizon
C. Long-term horizon
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