What's Your Money Personality?

Your colleague just got a new phone having the latest features. Your current phone is working fine but you love this one. You...
get a new phone. The new one is too awesome to ignore.
stick to your old one. You can save money and buy an even better one later.
sell your old phone, convert the new purchase into EMIs, reduce data usage. Basically, everything to lower the costs.
tell your colleague how awesome the phone is and hug your old one.
It's grocery shopping time. You...
write a list, compare prices online and offline, then decide where to buy.
have a general idea about what you need. So, you go to the nearest store.
buy the ones on sale.
don't have the time for grocery shopping or cooking. You order in.
Congrats! You got a bonus. You...
splurge, of course. You deserve it!
spend some on shopping and dining. Save the rest.
put it in your savings account for a goal like buying a house.
pay off your loans, especially the Personal Loan with a crazy interest rate.
You want to lose weight. So, you...
sign up at the nearest fitness centre so that you at least needn't take efforts to go there
splurge on gym clothes before you start. Looking good is so important.
decide to go for walks. Why pay when you can exercise for free?
research on fitness centres and choose the one that has the lowest charges.
It's your best friend's birthday but you are broke. You...
give him/her a DIY gift. Homemade is sweet.
buy the most expensive one and decide how to pay for it later.
organize a group gift with other friends. Going dutch is the way.
take them to the nearest fast food joint with low prices. Spending time together is more important than gifts.
Your friends are planning for a 'dine out'. It's month end and you have already exceeded your budget. You...
search for deals on sites such as nearbuy and take them to the one offering the deepest discount.
ask a friend to pay for your share. You will pay them back later.
go ahead. Who cares about budget? If everyone is having fun, you need to be a part of it.
don't go. Tell them you will get a potluck organized next time. That's more fun.
You found the perfect apartment but the rent is too high. You...
find a room mate. Split the bill!
go ahead. Why compromise?
search for another one. Why pay so much?
go ahead but take up a part time job or freelance to pay for it.
Your friends needs Rs. 10,000 urgently. You have Rs. 15,000 in your savings account and it's just the 15th. You...
give it to them. What are friends for?
give Rs. 5,000. You need the money but you can't let your friend down, right?
decline. Rs. 15,000 is just not enough for 15 days.
give Rs. 10,000. You can manage the rest of the month on a credit card.
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