Irish Sailing - Let's Get Quizzical Week 6
Finish the nautical rhyme...

A backing wind says storms are nigh
But a veering wind will clear the sky
A clearing wind, says birds can fly
And I’ll watch sails go flying by
And I’ll wave out and just say Hi
Ring around the moon
Sun will shine soon
You look like a goon
It must be June
Twill rain real soon
If clouds are gathering thick and fast, Keep sharp look out for sail and mast
But if they’re sitting nice and low, just sit back and get a glow
And if you feel like, have a blast
But if they slowly onward crawl, Shoot your lines, nets and trawl
But if they’re gathering light and slow, just sit back and watch them blow
Sound travelling far and wide
Just stay inside, your time, you bide
A music festival’s, by your side
A stormy day will betide
The weather forecaster has just lied
Mackerel sky, mackerel sky
Sit down, let time fly by
These rhymes are hard, they make me cry
All these fish, they look so sly
Not long wet, not long dry
The sharper the blast
The sooner its past
The further it’s cast
The higher the mast
We soon will go fast
Mares tails and mackrel scales
Make lofty ships, sail slow trails
Make lofty ships carry low sails
Wispy clouds and fishy bales
Horses and fish sales
When a halo rings the moon or sun
It’s time to go out and have some fun
Coffee time and morning bun
Rains approaching on the run
Time to turn, go on a run
North winds send hail, South winds bring rain
East winds bring sail, West winds we gain
North winds we bail, South winds keeps us sane
North winds we sail, South winds hoist main
East winds we bewail, West winds blow amain
When clouds appear like towers
The earth sends forth, it’s shoots of flowers
The earth is refreshed by frequent showers
The crowds appear and then they cower
The wind it turns and then it sours
Northeast is too cold, Southeast not too warm
Northeast is too bold, Southeast blows no harm
Northwest is on hold, Southwest is the norm
Northwest is too bold, Southwest blows no harm
Northeast won’t be told, Southeast has it’s form
When the glass falls low, Prepare for a blow
When it rises high, Let all your sails fly
When it goes high, Let your sails die
When the glass moves high, Let your sails dry
When it rises high, Be ready to fry
Rain before seven
It will help your bread leaven
You’ll be in heaven
Sleet by eleven
Shine before eleven
When the morn is dry, the rain is nigh
When the morn is wet, no rain you get
When the morn is warm, rain will be the norm
When the morn is wet, sleet you will get
When the morn is hot, rain will be a blot
Rain long foretold, long last
Weeks notice, means a blast
Hold tight to the mast
Short notice, soon will pass
Open well, the wine cask
When the rain before the wind
Make sure, a harbor find
Topsail sheets and halyards mind
Please ensure, your rubbish binned
Please ensure, a beach you find
Rainbow to windward, foul fall the day
Rainbow to leeward, gold blows away
Rainbow to leeward, sun comes to play
Rainbow to leeward, a waste of a day
Rainbow to leeward, rain runs away
When the wind before the rain
Let your topsails draw again
Trim the main and make your gain
Give in now and trim your mane
Nautical rhymes become your bane
Red Sky in Morning, Sailors Take Warning
Red Sky at Night, Werewolf’s delight
Red sky at Dawn, You’re going to need brawn
Red Sky at Night, Sailors Delight
Red Sky at Night, Sailors take Flight
When the wind is blowing in the North
Look at the sea and watch the froth
Keep ashore and hold your fort
Keep ashore and coffee froth
No fisherman should set forth
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