Irish Sailings - Let's Get Quizzical - Week 9 - What's your sailing personality ?

When I’m not sailing I like to …
What do you mean not sailing?
Prepare gourmet meals in the galley
Like man you don’t want to know
To improve downwind performance while under spinnaker i …
Pull on the sheet
Tension the fraculator
Unplug the blender
Grab a paddle
My ideal shopping trip involves ...
London boat show
The local chandlery's performance section
Nearest upmarket shopping centre
Nearest vape shop
The ideal boat is ...
Cruiser racer
Something lean and fast with lots of strings to pull and no wimpy lifelines
Something with a queen-size master berth an electric head and a blender
Anything as long as it floats and gives good vibes man
My favorite sailing destination is ...
West Cork
J24 Nationals
The balearic islands
Hey any trip is a good trip
My favorite movie is ...
Master and Commander: the far side of the world
Captain Ron
When something breaks I ...
Break out the welding rig and mix up some fibreglass
Call Danny
Make an appointment with the boatyard master
Live with it man
The ideal pet is ...
A small dog
A herd of cats
A bichon frisé
A pink elephant
My favorite television show is ...
Hee haw
Clipper yacht racing
Globe trekker (on the on-board 42-inch plasma screen)
Gilligan’s island
My favorite breakfast is ...
A good fry up
Bacon Butty
Eggs Benedict
Whatever life passes my way man
A bad day is when ...
Some newcomer beats me in a race
Anyone beats me in a race
There is a voltage drop in the main refrigeration circuit
It isn’t the day that’s bad; it’s a disturbance in the flow
A sailing club dinner
Is an opportunity to talk shop
Is time not spent sailing
Probably bulk cooking, not sure of the standard
Is an opportunity to get someone else to pay for dinner
Demasting is ...
A damned inconvenience especially if i don’t have all the right parts on hand
An opportunity to get a new high-performance mast
An excuse to lay up in a fancy port
Dis mast is de big stick on my boat
My favorite music is ...
a collectionn of sea shanties
“head up” means ...
Push the tiller away from the helmsperson
Move the tiller toward the boom
There’s a new keg on the tap
The lake is down so it’s a long hike to the bar and bathroom
My favorite book is ...
My sailing photolbums
Sailboat tuning guides
Ferenc maté’s classic yachts
The whole earth catalog
“starboard tack” means ...
The boat is going left
The boom is on the left side of the boat
The blender is in the galley on the left
Don’t walk barefoot on the deck
A vegetarian ...
Is someone who doesn’t eat meat
Can follow an acceptable training diet if the proper supplements are added
Can be a pain to cook for
Is saving the planet
Wherever i go ...
I bring a mobile workshop
I cover the fleet behind me
I bring my platinum card
Like there i am
The best After Sailing drink is..
Box of Wine
Gin & Tonic
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