Which Yoga Pose Matches Your Personality Best?

Which option most closely resembles your ideal Saturday morning:
Sleep in as late as possible and have breakfast in bed.
Get up early to make the most of the weekend and go for a run or hike.
Do the same routine that you do every morning, of course!
Whatever your partner or friends are game for - you're up for anything!
Relax, maybe take a chill yoga class, and do whatever the heck you want.
Your friends would most likely describe you as:
A wild card!
In your own head a lot
Your favorite musician out of the following options is:
Beach House
Megan Thee Stallion
T. Swift
Pick your favorite food from the list below:
Margherita pizza
A healthy green smoothie
A well-balanced meal with protein, veggies, and carbs
A spicy tuna roll or spicy Indian food
A warming bowl of ramen
What is your favorite kind of vacation?
A trip to a beautiful forest with lots of hikes, backpacking, or skiing
Paris obviously - trips to the Louvre, designer shopping sprees, and croissants galore!
A relaxing beach getaway where you still have working Wifi in case anything work-related comes up
A spiritual retreat in India with lots of time for meditation, yoga, and self-reflection
Around the world in 80 days - you're trying to see as many new places as you can while you can!
What is your favorite type of yoga to practice?
Which Euphoria character is your spirit animal?
What's your favorite workout other than yoga (duhh)?
Running outside - headphones in
Dance, spin class, or pilates
Strength training at the gym
I literally don't have one
Paragliding, free soloing, or boxing
What sounds like an ideal date to you?
Dinner at a nice restaurant that I pick and a movie
Being swept off my feet, thoughtful gifts, whispering sweet nothings into each other's ears, intimacy
Good conversation and good company make any date ideal for me
Netflix and chill (but literally, chill). Maybe order delivery... maybe
Skydiving or swimming with dolphins in a new country that we fly into for the date
What's your favorite color?
Forest green
Deep purple
What's your favorite time of day or night?
Early morning
Late night
What do you look for in a best friend?
Someone who is loyal and always has your back
Someone who makes you laugh and is a shoulder to cry on
An honest person who also inspires you
Someone who just gets you on another level without any judgment
Someone who is as energized and excited about life as you. They have to be your adventure buddy and partner in crime!
What is your favorite genre of movie?
Romantic comedy or drama
Comedy or something heartwarming
Fantasy or intellectual
Thriller or horror
You would be most likely to donate to a charity that:
Rescues animals
Is for LGBTQ rights
Prevents deforestation
Is pro-literacy
Is pro-choice
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