Which Once Upon a Duchy heroine are you?

Where would be you wish to live?
A sprawling castle
A mini fortress
A ruined gatehouse
Over a busy tavern
How would you defend yourself?
Let your loyal dog do it for you
Words and a tenacious attitude
A trusty wooden staff
A wooden spoon
What is your dream job?
Running a castle
Farming and keeping house
Managing a busines
Who is your preferred side kick?
A loyal dog
A snarky pre-teen
A annoying goat
Sassy cook
Which hero most appeals to you?
Awkward, scarred, but with a heart of gold
Quiet, large, sweet, and intelligent
Intense, dangerous, and considerate
Impulsive, fierce, loyal, and hardworking
How do you feel about family?
Annoying and difficult, but loved
I wish I knew who they were.
Painful and to be avoided at all costs
Distant, dead, or missing
What is your greatest fear?
Unable to provide for those you love
Being left alone
Losing those you loves
Lack of Independence
Which is your favorite fairy tale?
Beauty and the Beast
Month Brothers
East of the Sun, West of the Moon
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