What FIVE changes should be made to normandy map?
Airfield Dinan-Trélivan added in west of map as requested on forums.
Fix reported Terrain Deformities:
Fix waterways which flow up hill as reported on forums.
permanent hangars and brick structures from Allied Landing Grounds
Fix the church near Argentan which cuts through the trees as reported on the ED forums.
Correct orientation of St Croix ALG as per report on ED forums
Add the St. Lo to Periers to Lessay road, which is missing from the map.
Fix the railways around Rouen and the Seine so that they show in the mission editor when zoomed out.
Change the hard-coded minimum temperature down from 10 degrees to around 5 degrees.
Add the Great Harbour walls of Cherbourg, which are missing
Guard towers and chain link fencing should be removed from the allied ALGs
Anything that can be done to extend the detailed areas of the map, in any direction.
Implement the same coastline tech as used on Syria / Marianas maps.
Expend the map limits to the south to include Rennes and the airfield there.
Add in names to moderate sized urban areas in XV71, XV70, XU78 and XU38
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