What should your top marketing priority be?

Where does most of your new business come from?
Repeat business from loyal customers and word of mouth
Repeat business but we never quite know when to expect it
People searching for us
Our sales team knocking on doors and calling people
From our website
How would you describe the level of inbound queries you’re currently getting?
We are getting as many good quality enquiries as we can handle
There’s plenty coming in, but often they can be low value or not understand our offering
There’s plenty coming in, but we don’t have time to sort the good from the bad
We get enough, but could always do with more
It’s critically low, we need to generate more business fast
How is your brand seen in the marketplace?
We are recognised as the market leader with a strong and comfortable position. Our customers come to us due to our brand strength
Our products/services are unique and innovative and offer a solution that others don’t
Our products/services can be more expensive but are of a higher standard quality
We offer the cheapest prices in the market
Our brand and message is a bit undefined at the moment, either customers don’t really know what we do or we need to clarify our strengths
What role does your website play in your marketing?
Our website is essential and drives a lot of our revenue through direct online enquiries
Our website seems to get a lot of traffic but they don’t convert
We get people making enquiries on our website but find it hard to turn them into customers
We’re not really sure who is visiting our website
Everyone knows who we are, but we don’t seem to get a lot of web traffic
How do you view digital and social media marketing?
It is an essential part of our strategy to track and measure our results
I will do it selectively where I’m confident we are reaching the right people
We are trying it, but not getting the results we want
I’d like to do it more, but I’m not sure where to start
It’s just a fad, I prefer something more traditional
Do you have enough leads?
We have a very clear idea of our market and don’t need any more leads
We have long lists of leads, but no time to keep in touch with all of them
We’ve tried lead generation but it hasn’t worked
We need to generate more leads
We don’t need leads, we rely more on direct one off sales
How do you view Content Marketing?
Content is critical to our strategy, our offering is complex or new and can best be explained through articles and technical papers
We’ve got lots of great content but aren’t using it as much as we could
We’re using our content but not sure if it’s getting a return for us
We would benefit from creating better content, but don’t always have the resources or the time to do it properly
People understand our product already, so the key for us is for our brand to stand out, so content is not such a priority
Which marketing goals are you actively pursuing? (Choose as many as apply)
Building our brand
Educating current customers about what else we offer
Educating new prospects about our offering
Generating specific leads for our sales team to follow-up
Driving traffic to our website
Keeping up with our competitors
What are your major concerns or problems with your company's current approach to marketing?
Which of  below describes your target market (Choose as many as apply)
Water utilities and retailers
Energy generators, utilities and retailers
Local government
Infrastructure asset owners (eg road, rail, airports etc)
Consulting Engineers
Pump users
Please provide any more details about your target audience
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