The Social Content Evaluation

What staffing resources do you currently have for social media content?
One internal team member, responsible for all social media management, including content creation.
One internal team member, responsible for developing all creative marketing assets but someone else handles community management.
Full creative team in-house, or creative agency, responsible for all creative including the development of social media content.
Specialized in-house content team, or social agency, responsible solely for social media content (creating original and adapting existing assets).
How would you best describe your content strategy?
There's no set strategy for social content. We post when we have assets provided to us from other marketing channels.
Basic strategy that outlines our goals, brand target audience, and publishing cadence.
Detailed strategy that reflects our social-specific target audiences, social media content pillars, publishing cadence, and objectives and KPIs distinguished by social channel.
An extensive social media roadmap that includes social media content standards for our brand, audiences distinguished by social channel, content pillars, social tone of voice, visual guidelines, channel prioritization, community engagement and growth plans, etc.
What does your editorial planning process currently look like?
Content is created and published on a day-to-day basis as needed or as available.
Weekly planning outlines high-level topics that require content development.
Monthly editorial planning elaborates on content and messaging to incorporate traditional marketing messages and recommended social only-conversations.
Extensive monthly editorial planning on content and messaging that not only suits traditional marketing, but outlines curation of third party content, audience activation, original content needs and more.
What creative resources are used to develop your social media content?
Stock photography or other existing digital assets are re-used, as is, on our channels.
A combination of stock images and other marketing assets are redesigned and optimized as social content.
Original content is custom produced for social channels by our in-house team, agency, freelancers, and/or social influencers.
Social is completely integrated into our content planning across all channels. Content is developed with the social optimized version in mind while social-only assets (created by the brand, agency, or UGC) are leveraged as is or to inspire non-social marketing content.
How are you currently measuring the performance of your social media content?
Snapshots compile high-level channel metrics such as impressions, engagements, and growth.
Reports outline high-level channel metrics and highlight top and bottom performing content based on engagement rates.
Cohesive reports have a focus on content level KPIs, analyzing performance of posts based on the intended objective of each piece of content.
In addition to cohesive content reports, we do quarterly deep dives to analyze trends in content performance, industry trends, off-channel social listening, and competitive insights.
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