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How would you describe your body frame?
Naturally thin, slender
Medium built, good muscular build
Thicker build, curvy
How easily do you gain weight?
I don't gain weight easily.
Moderately; I can lose or gain weight if I try. I put on muscle easily.
I gain weight very easily, and I have a hard time loosing it.
What is your skin like?
Tends to get dry
Slightly oily with a rosy complexion
Moist, smooth, thick
How is your digestion?
Variable - sometimes good, sometimes not so good
Strong and efficient
Slow or sluggish
How do you handle changes in routine?
I adapt quickly and enjoy new experiences
I prefer a structured routine and dislike sudden changes
I am resistant to change and find comfort in stability
How would you describe your sleep pattern?
Light sleeper, easily disturbed
Moderate sleeper, occasional disturbances
Deep sleeper, rarely disturbed
What is your hair like?
Dry, frizzy, prone to split ends and breakage
Fine, oily, tendency towards graying
Thick, abundant, curly/ wavy
How do you handle cold weather?
I get cold easily and prefer warmth
I tolerate cold well and enjoy cooler temperatures
I feel uncomfortable in cold weather and seek warmth
How would you describe your appetite?
Variable, sometimes strong, sometimes weak. I forget to eat sometimes.
Strong, can eat large quantities
Slow and steady, not easily affected by hunger
How do you handle conflicts?
I avoid conflicts and seek harmony
I confront conflicts head-on and assertively
I dislike conflicts and try to maintain peace
How do you handle change or unpredictability?
I embrace change and adapt easily
I prefer stability and dislike sudden changes
I find change unsettling and prefer a predictable routine
What is your elimination like?
Tends towards constipation
Regular, tends towards loose stools
Thick, long, sluggish
Which digestive imbalance do you feel most?
Bloating and gas
Heartburn and acidic stomach
Heaviness after eating and water retention
How do you handle intense situations?
I become overwhelmed easily
I become impatient and frustrated
I remain calm and composed
What is your temperament like?
Enthusiastic, vivacious, creative
Driven, passionate, ambicious
Easy going, giving, patient
What are your eyes like?
On the smaller side and actively moving
Have a penetrating, deep gaze
Big and beautiful
When out of balance you ....
Tend toward anxiety and nervousness, or fear and depression.
Tend toward intensity, anger or irritation.
Get lonely, depressed or jealous.
What are your joints like?
Prominent, tend to crack , often aching
Flexible, agile
Large, well padded
How would you describe your memory?
Quick but forgetful
Sharp and precise
Slow but long-lasting
How are you with money and material possessions?
Impulsive shopper; buy things and forget about them
Calculated shopper; spends on luxuries that are worth it.
Hoarder; have a hard time letting things go.
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