Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Fabric Quiz

What is an advantage to using Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Fabrics?
Available in lightweights
Can be layered with other Carbon fabrics
All of the Above
How do the fibers in Unidirectional Carbon run?
Parallel and Perpendicular
Single, Parallel direction
None of the Above
What type of part is Unidirectional Carbon not appropriate for?
Parts that require Strength in all directions
Parts that require strength in one direction
Parts that require non-woven fabrics
Parts that require fibers running in a single, parallel direction
What width does Fibre Glast offer its Unidirectional Carbon fiber fabric in?
50 inch
60 inch
38 inch
12 inch
How much stronger is the longitudinal tensile strength of Unidirectional Carbon Fiber compared to structural steel?
20 times as much
50 times as much
3 times as much
It is not stronger
What is a disadvantage when using Unidirectional Carbon Fiber?
Very Heavy
Doesn’t have the beautiful signature Carbon Look
All of the Above
The tensile modulus of our Intermediate Modulus fiber that we use in our #2596 4.3 Oz Unidirectional Carbon Fiber is 40 Msi compared to the normal Msi of 20, how does this effect the fabric?
Makes it softer
Makes it stiffer
Makes it a different color
None of the Above
What applications are the #2593 22.3 Oz Quilted Unidirectional Carbon Fiber fabric commonly used in?
Light Applications
Aerospace Applications
Heavy Applications
Expensive Applications
Which Unidirectional Carbon Fabric does Fibre Glast offer in Prepreg?
#2596 4.3 Oz Intermediate Modulus Carbon Fiber
#2593 22.3 Oz Quilted Unidirectional Carbon Fiber
#2583 9.0 Oz Unidirectional Carbon Fiber
#2585 4.0 Oz Unidirectional Carbon Fiber
When laying up Unidirectional Carbon, how do you want to spread the resin onto the fabric?
Against the grain
In the direction of the fibers
Doesn’t matter
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