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Beginners Gardening Course - Final Quiz

Which term is used to refer to the act of reproducing plants by planting seeds, dividing clumps or cuttings?
What is the term used to describe a tree or shrub that has grown in a prominent location where it can be observed from various perspectives?
Succulent plant
Foliage plant
Specimen plant
Climbing plant
Which type of plant is best suited for adding structure or privacy to your garden?
What is a biennial plant?
A plant that completes its lifecycle within a single year
A plant that only flowers every two years
A plant that has a two-year lifecycle
A type of shrub that sheds its leaves in winter
Which of the following pH values indicates acidic soil?
What is topsoil?
A type of compost
A deep layer of soil that is typically rocky and sandy
A type of fertiliser that is used to improve the properties of your soil
The top 2-8 inches of the earth that contain natural nutrients and minerals that help plants grow
What are secateurs used for when gardening?
Watering plants
Pruning branches, stems and flowers
Digging holes
Cutting grass
What is the best way to clean rust from garden tools?
Use a damp cloth
Use a sharpening stone
Use steel wool
Use a wire brush
What can go wrong if plants or garden elements are too large or too small for your space?
Your garden may lack a sense of movement
Your garden may feel disjointed
Your garden may not have a focal point
Your garden may look unbalanced or cluttered
What should you add to the planting hole when planting container-grown plants?
Organic matter
What is the first step you should take when growing container-grown plants in your garden?
Water the plant
Remove the plant from the container
Prepare the soil
Choose the right location
What is the first step in developing a garden plan?
Determining your garden’s purpose
Deciding on a layout
Setting a budget
Evaluating your garden site
What is mulch primarily used for in gardening?
Controlling weeds
Retaining moisture in the soil
Enhancing the appearance of the garden
Adding essential nutrients to plants
Which of the following is a benefit of using non-biodegradable mulch?
It lasts for several growing seasons
It enhances the soil's health and fertility
It adds organic matter to the soil
It is less expensive than biodegradable mulch
What is the primary purpose of photosynthesis?
To help the plant to grow taller
To provide the plant with water
To absorb energy from the sunlight
To produce a strong odour
What is the first stage of plant growth called?
Vegetative stage
Flowering stage
Which type of plant provides structure and height for your garden, though may take longer to establish?
Vegetables and herbs
Which of the following items should NOT be included in a compost pile?
Coffee grounds
Meat and dairy products
Fruit & veg scraps
Grass clippings
When will your compost be ready to use?
After 1 week
It can be used immediately
After 6 months
After 1 month
What do hardiness ratings indicate?
The plant’s ability to tolerate extreme temperatures
The ideal soil pH for a plant
The time it takes for a plant to mature
The amount of sunlight a plant requires
What can be done to improve ‘sandy’ soil?
Add more sand to improve drainage
Add clay to improve soil structure
Add more organic matter to increase water retention
Add lime to control the acidity
How many hours of sunlight should your fruit & veg garden have per day?
10-12 hours
6-8 hours
2-4 hours
4-6 hours
Which of the following is NOT a sustainable gardening practice?
Planting native species suitable to your climate
Collecting rainwater for your plants
Using chemical fertilisers and pesticides
Which of the following is NOT a benefit of low-maintenance gardening?
Produces more growth
Supports biodiversity
Saves time & money
Enhances curb appeal
How often should you water container plants?
Water several times a day to ensure constant moisture
Water only during the warmest hours of the day
Water deeply and thoroughly when the soil feels dry to the touch
Water when the leaves start to wilt
Which of the following is NOT a typical system for heating a greenhouse?
Applying glass paint
Employing solar energy
Implementing a propane system
Why is ‘deadheading’ important to carry out while maintaining your garden?
Prevents disease from spreading to other areas of your plant
Keeps plants healthy and looking beautiful
Allows for better drainage
Helps to get rid of common garden pests
How deep should a raised bed be to provide enough room for plant roots?
8-12 inches
2-4 inches
4-6 inches
20-24 inches
Which of these is NOT a type of fertiliser?
Slow release
Controlled release
What is a drip irrigation system?
A system that collects rainwater in the garden
A system that sprays water in a fine mist to water plants
A system that uses sprinklers to water plants from above
A system that waters plants directly through the roots via small tubes
What is the first step in creating a windowsill garden?
Choosing a location
Choosing a container
Selecting your plants
Which of these plants should you NOT plant in winter?
Which of these is NOT a benefit of having houseplants?
Makes your home more aesthetically pleasing
Purifyies the air in your home
Relieves stress and helps mental wellbeing
Repels insects from your home
What is plant propagation?
The process of pruning a plant to promote new growth
The process of creating a new plant from existing plants
The process of harvesting seeds from plants
The process of preventing plants from reproducing
When is the best month to plant warm-season annuals like zinnias?
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