What type of fictional character would you be?

You see a knight forcing himself on a fair lady, what do you do?
Challenge him to a duel
Stab him in the back
Stab him in the back then rape her yourself
I feel bad but...not my business
oh goodness me! Somebody summon the watchmen post haste!
I don't give a shit, let him have the stupid wench.
A troll blocks your path along a bridge, and tells you to pay a toll...
Nah, I would see that coming a mile away and find a way to sneak past that sucker
Kill him of course
pay the toll
please mr. Troll, I'm poor and defenseless, don't eat me!
Perhaps I can reason with him?
Which guild/faction would you join in Tamriel?
Mages guild
Thieves guild
Fighters guild
Dark Brotherhood
Imperial Legion
Stormcloak Rebellion
None of the above
The Companions
The vampires
I would start my own faction you stupid butt plug sucker
You walk into a large, majestic looking library, filled with books big and small, new and ancient, your reaction....
Wow this place is pretty nice
OMG must reseeeeeeeaaaaaaaaarch!!!!!!!!
Ok now let's find what we're looking for and get out of this shit hole
Damn, that librarian has a nice pair
Hmm...some of these books seem expensive....it would be a shame if someone....stole them and sold them on the black market MUAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are newly crowned King Jeoffrey, Eddard Stark announces that he has been named protector of the realm by King Robert and that you are not the true heir, your reaction....
What? Surely Lord Stark, you must be mistaken.
Very Well, if what you say is true...I forfeit the crown.
I am not in the room, I am busy getting drunk and getting my wank on
Which of the below is closest to your ideal pet/familiar or other form of similar companion?
Robot specified to my needs
Human slaves
a member of the opposite sex, hand cuffed and ballgagged
What is the best way for jizz to be administered into the pussy hole?
Concentual intercourse
man raping woman
woman raping man
Artificial insemination
Artificial insemination, in a stealthy way
Who do you respect more?
Whoever pays me more
Which statement rings most true to you?
Nothing is true, everything is permitted
The human race calls out for direction! They want to know why they're here, what they're meant to do. Well, we're going to tell them. And once they understand how to live their lives, everything will be better.
Humans are petty and base
Some things are true, some things are permitted
Which statement rings most true to you?
No man should have the power of a God
I deserve to be a God
Which statement rings most true to you?
Anger gives you focus, makes you stronger
Anger makes you sloppy, unbalanced, and reckless
A man lies severely wounded on the battle field, you cannot tell who's side he fought for, he begs you to kill him so he won't have to suffer, your reaction...
Who's side did you fight for?
Very well, I will end your misery
Nah, I like watching you suffer
I'm sorry...I...I can't
Bollocks, there's still a chance for you, think of your family! I will take you to a healer.
Got any valuables on yeh?
What is the best apparatus for administering THC?
I don't partake of such things
Where!? Gimmie gimmie gimmie....
What? By the nine! Summon the guardsmen!!!!
that'd fetch a lovely price in the riften ratway.
STOP! You've violated the law criminal scum, surrender to arrest, pay your fine...OR PAY WITH YOUR BLOOD
Pay fine
bribe guard
I didn't do it!
Resist arrest
Kill everyone in the whole town
frame someone else
bribe guard with sex
an honorable king asks you to delve into an ancient ruin, filled with death traps and the undead, to retrieve something vital to the survival of the realm...your reaction?
I will do it, for the realm
Do I look like a hero to you?
I will do it...and steal this relic for myself
I will do it to gain favour with the king and better my status
Which faction do you respect most?
The galactic republic
the galactic empire
the jedi
the sith
the rebel alliance
the separatist movement
the hutt cartel
fuck em' all
Which is more valuable, power, wisdom, or courage?
How do you view other people?
As sentient beings with thoughts and emotions
as either assets, liabilities,, rivals or nobodies
a bit of both
Is it ever okay to kill people?
Oh, heavens no.
Only to protect the innocent
I kill whoever I please you fucking cock gobbling faggot
Depends what I get for doing it
There are many who dare to spit in the face of law and order, and thus many who must face justice
I am not the one to decide that.
They was starvin' em' mum...they put bars on his window!
Shut up bitch
blood of the cosmos
a sea of dead water
a steadfast pebble on the shore of insanity
yall niggas is crazy man
house gayboy
urine and pee-on gayboy
would you rather eat a raw meat diet or a vegan diet?
raw meat
Last question...how did you like this quiz?
it was fun
it was gay
I'm going to murder you and rape your corpse faggot
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