How good at bike mechanics am I?

My postcode is
When I get a puncture I usually...
change the tube and replace the tyre in less than two minutes.
struggle for while, then remember how to do it, and eventually get it done confidently.
wait for someone to do it for me
book an Uber or get someone to pick me up
Which image best represents me when I have a mechanical problem (click one image).
A bike mechanic workshop makes me feel...
happy and content
nervous and anxious
When someone asks me if I run a 53-39 or a 52-36 I...
tell them my size is none of their business
tell them I'm not sure. Whatever the bike came with
I count the teeth on each chain ring one by one till I can give them an answer.
tell them. Standard or compact
If I have issues with my brakes I can _______________ find the issue and get the brakes functioning again (fill in the blank).
If my gears are clunking I...
pedal harder and hope it goes away.
check for any problems with my chain and slightly turn the barrel adjuster
think it's normal and keep on pedaling.
take it straight to the bike mechanic for tuning.
am not sure what to do
How often do I clean and lube my chain?
After every ride
Every week or so
Only when it is visibly dirty
Am I supposed to lube my chain?
This tool is mostly used for...
separating chain links
releasing air pressure from tyres
tightening and loosening hex head screws
removing dirt from tyres
Ikea flat packs
This tool is mostly used for...
testing the stretch in the chain links
scaring birds away in swooping season
calibrating the headset
removing the rear cassette
the following tool is mostly used for...
I'm not sure what this is
everything and anything
making my cables neat and tidy
locking up my bike at the end of the ride
I would most like to learn about ______________ in a mechanics workshop (fill in the blank)
fixing a flat tyre
adjusting brakes
adjusting and servicing gears
drive train care
how to wash a bike
removing and attaching wheels
derailleur care and function
How to true a wheel
Leave your email to find out more about our bike maintenance workshops. Leave the letters 'BQ' if you would prefer not to be emailed.
In what town or suburb should our next mechanics workshop be held? Leave the letters 'BQ' if you would prefer not to give a location
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