I Got A "D" In Leadership

irritate me.
are irrelevant to me.
are for other people to deal with.
excite me.
motivate me.
People are often amazed at...
how much I can accomplish.
how easily I see how pieces of a process fit together.
the creative ideas I have to improve something.
the number of contacts I have on my phone.
my ability to see a brighter future.
I am most energized by...
having business lunches with others.
having a sandwich while I lay out plans.
having coffee by myself with time to think.
having heard an idea which makes me forget to eat because I am too busy researching how to take it to the next level.
having a meal to celebrate what I have completed.
Social media is...
for finding out how something could be improved upon or done differently.
exclusively for staying connected with people.
for those people who are not as busy as I am getting things done.
simply computer algorithims which I could figure out if I had the time and tools.
always evolving, and I can imagine what the next social media hit should be.
People sometimes misunderstand my...
suggestions as correcting them.
ideas as living in a fantasy world.
desire to get the job finished as not being interested in people's feelings.
attention to details for perfectionism.
time spent hanging out with others as goofing off.
take time away from me accomplishing something important.
show me how processes could be streamlined.
make me think of people I know who fit into certain categories.
could be presented more effectively so that people could understand and use them.
reveal future trends which point us in the right direction.
I love...
planning and scheduling.
having time to myself to think about the future.
tweaking things to make them better.
making new friends.
working with my hands.
I enjoy...
new ideas.
how-to manuals.
researching ways to do one thing well.
introducing people to others who can help them.
I think in terms of...
meetings, phone calls and texts needed to accomplish something.
how much is left in order to accomplish something.
budgets, supplies and personnel needed to accomplish something.
finding things that others miss.
potential and possibilities.
I prefer...
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