New Scent Quiz

Your days are usually
Fun & Exciting
Calm Like I Like Em'
Ughh! Never Ending & Stressful
A Healthy Mix of "Ahhh Help Me!"
When your at home, "blank" scents relaxes you
Vanilla-ish Sweet Scents
Musky-type, kinda smokey like cigars and cologne
Fresh Breeze Of Aromas and Flowers
The Warm Scent of Pie and Cookies
Freshly Done Laundry...That You Now Have To Pack Away
The Scent of Essential Oils Healing Your Mind and Body
Do You Use Candles Primarily...?
In The Bedroom
In The Kitchen
On The Roof
In The Bathroom
In The Living Room
In The Basement
In Your Dreams
In Your Workplace
In Your Car/Truck/Trailer
What would you call a candle that always has an awesome reply?
Smooth Operator
A Really Outstanding Individual
My Best Friend
Why Do You Even Want A Candle?
Yes Plz
Good For The Ambiance
Desperate Need Of A Scent Change ASAP
I feel calmer when their burning
{"name":"New Scent Quiz", "url":"","txt":"Your days are usually, When your at home, \"blank\" scents relaxes you, Do You Use Candles Primarily...?","img":""}
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