Which Gut Are You?

Your favorite song is
Heart Of Glass by Blondie
Have A Drink On Me by AC/DC
Love On The Brain by Rihanna
I'll Be There For You by The Rembrandts
You really want
A vacay; you never stop working!
Alignment in life
Someone to take care of you
To make lasting memories
In your spare time you love
Rom coms
Deep breathing exercises
This bothers you the most
Back-breaking work
Ten-martini lunches
Forgetting things
You're passionate about
Anything that comes in pairs
Having a good time
{"name":"Which Gut Are You?", "url":"https://www.quiz-maker.com/QSOLOFNNR","txt":"Your favorite song is, You really want, In your spare time you love","img":"https://www.quiz-maker.com/3012/images/ogquiz.png"}
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