What is your business & brand health score?

Check all that apply.
You understand & can identify all intangible assets in your business.
You prefer to handle your legal aspects of your business when and "if" they arise, rather than spend time reducing risks before they happen, since it's so unlikely. 
You've completed searches for any trade or service marks in your business to ensure you're not infringing another's intellectual property & have an opinion letter from a lawyer to this effect.
You have filed a trademark/trade name registration with appropriate states where you operate your business.
You've filed a trademark registration for any brand-identifying marks with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office
Your logo, images, illustrations, or any other brand assets have documented chain of title showing clearly whether your business owns or licenses these intangible assets created by someone else for you.
You rely on template contracts downloaded from the internet for everything.
You know what the terms license, assignment, and ownership mean, and how each affects your rights to use intellectual property.
You know whether you have a license, assignment, or ownership of your logos, website content, social media content, and other creative works (blogs, ads, etc.)
You have written, executed agreements with anyone who provides services to your business, so that scope of work, ownership of resulting work, and future uses of such work are clearly outlined.
You rely on google or facebook groups of fellow business owners as the source for your legal advice on intellectual property issues. 
A lawyer has reviewed any contract templates, particularly intellectual property license and ownership clauses.
You've registered copyrights for creative works such as courses, training materials, blogs, photos, logo designs, published downloads, books, web content, or any other valuable intangible creative works.
You hired a business coach, life coach, or other type of "coach" to help make your business successful but decided you cannot afford to hire a lawyer. 
You know that stating something is a "work-for-hire" in a written agreement is insufficient to transfer ownership from creator to another party unless it falls under 1 of 9 specific scenarios under U.S. copyright law, and that more specific language is required to ensure ownership is properly transferred. 
You have read & fully understand the terms & conditions of licenses granted to you by platforms like Canva or other design tools, including whether you can lawfully transfer that license to your client, if you are creating content for others.
You have a digital or hard copy record of any stock photo, video or other licensed content used in your website, blogs, social media, marketing materials, videos or anywhere associated with your business to show you have proper permission to use copyrighted materials. 
If you use the likeness of anyone identifiable in photos or videos, you have written releases from them to use their likeness.
Employees understand how to use your brand assets, including any contractual limitations. This includes directives on where to get stock video and photo images for social media or other marketing materials, if these are created in-house.
You rarely get written contracts or other similar legal documents to memorialize agreements related to your business.
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