Find Your Flavor Quiz

It's Saturday Night, What Are You Up To?
Nothing, and I'm ok with that
Low key hang with friends
House party down the street is gnar gnar
Nothing, but I wish I was doing something, but I'll probably do nothing
Surf the internet
Dancing at the club
Which Quote Describes Your Life Motto?
Be the party!
Get me out of here, I don't want to die!
Why are we inside?
Rain washes away the sorrow of yesterday, that's why rain makes people sad.
I'm here for a good time!
Just roll with it.
Life's good
What Is Your Spirit Animal?
House Cat
I don't like animals
Pick A Way To Say Hello!
Sup Bro!?
*Fist Bump*
I don't talk to other people
How Are You?
Describe Your Dating Life
Nonexistent, but I want one
I keep dating lemons
I have a fear of commitment
In a relationship
I keep it open
My Tinder is blowing up
I'm focusing on my career right now
Your Sandwich Is Dry, What Do you Add?
Mustard- perhaps a grey poupon
Oil & vinegar
Hot sauce
Leave it. I like a dry sandwich.
Italian dressing
Carbs aren't my thing
What Are You Looking For Most In A Partner?
Adventure & excitement
Relaxation & intimacy
A great sense of humor
Good looks
Stability & predictability
A best friend
Someone to dance like a maniac with
What's The Worst?
A rainy day
Getting stuck in traffic
Out of toilet paper
Someone drank the last Wave Soda
My favorite plant died
All my friends are busy on a Friday night
I overslept
You Have Sand In Your Bathing Suit, What Do You Do?
Wash it out in the ocean
Wipe it out
Shake your butt, hoping it falls out
There's no way I have sand in my bathing suit. I'm at the pool.
Take a shower immediately
Leave it 'till later
I don't own a bathing suit
What Best Describes You and Your Ideal Partner?
Discussing the meaning of life
Read a book under a tree all afternoon
Walking on the beach
Doing your own thing to have quiet, alone time
Sleeping in and cuddling
Relaxing and watching TV all day
Finding a new backpacking destination
How Do You Like Your Eggs?
In a cake
Sunny side up
I don't like eggs
As a protein shot
I'm vegan
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