The LeveLS Quiz

You pass the Big Ben while skating, do you...
Skate looking up, enjoying the view
Don't look so you can concentrate on your skating
Stop so you can have a look
Get your phone out and film as you skate by
Which skates do you have?
I have no skates
Fitness skates with heel brake
Fitness Skates with no brake
When approaching a hill (like Haymarket Hill) do you...?
Spin stop and nope out of there
Gently T stopping you control the speed throughout the hill and finish it
It does not matter, you can embrace it and stop whenever required
With what level identifies you most?
First Timer: complete beginner
What do you want to achieve with our classes?
God Level
Chill in the park
Commuting on Skates
Street Skating
Have you ever skated in your childhood?
Yes, actually I didn't stop since then
No, never.
Just for a few days
A few years
What have your tried from the list below?
Ice Skating
None of them
Backward skating for you is?
Not tried yet
I am there, I can do it, I can even start, stop and turn at will.
I can do backwards on my natural side but only in my natural side
I can only go a meter and then I unwillingly stop
You are skating with a group and now it rains. Everyone else keeps going. Do you...?
Keep skating and adjust your pushing style to a more careful one
Withdraw from the situation and get off the skates
Try to keep skating but you tell your group to maybe keep an eye on you in case you need help
You don't mind at all! You were waiting for the chance to show what you can do in the rain.
How do you skate down a kerb?
Step Down
Jump down
Dream of getting Down
Roll down in Scissors position
When at a skatepark do you?
Stand at the side and watch
Drop in all the ramps without thinking
Start with smaller ramps and flow around
Roll around the park but avoid all the ramps
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