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What's your dog's personality type?

When does your dog seem the happiest?
Meeting new people or dogs
Playing tug-of-war with me
Sitting happily on my lap
When they are playing in the backyard
You are watching TV. Where is your pup?
Playing with a toy somewhere
At my feet
Lying under a blanket
Curled up next to my friend
What does your dog do when they go outside?
Stays close by my side
Demands playtime
On the lookout for dog friends
Investigates the garden
What scares your pup the most?
Being left alone
The sound of thunder
Cats fighting
An unfriendly dog at the dog park
How does your dog act when you bring new guests over?
They watch from a distance
They have zoomies
They come to say hello right away
They come closer but are skeptical
What is your pup's go-to sleeping position?
With one eye open
On their back, legs up in the air
Sleeps anytime, anywhere, any way
On their belly
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